" Futur is what you do now. " Ghandi

Welcome on my scientific personal webpage !

Since 2011, I am Research Scientist at the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS, French organism). After my PhD thesis carried out in the Laboratory of Engineering of Biomolecules (LIBio, Pr. Sylvie Banon-Désobry and Pr. Christian Sanchez, Université de Lorraine, UL), I did two post-doctorate positions, the first one at the LIBio Lab. in collaboration with the R&D center of Unilever (The Netherlands and India; Dr. Michel Mellema) and the second one between the United-Kingdom (Pr. Carole C. Perry, Nottingham Trent University) and the USA (Pr. David Kaplan, Tufts University, Boston). All my research activities were dedicated to the proteins or peptides interactions with metals. Then, I went on as Assistant Professor in tempory contract (French A.T.E.R.) between the faculty of Physician (NGERE, UL) and Pharmacy (CITHEFOR, UL), in Nancy.

Finally, I was recruited as CNRS research scientist (INSIS, Section 10) in the Laboratory of Reactions and Chemical Engineering (LRGP, Nancy), in the Bioprocesses-Biomolecules axis. My main research project aims to study the processes of screening and separation of metal-chelating peptides in complex mixtures for nutrition, health and cosmetics applications. My second research thematic focusses on the polyphenolic compounds extraction from lignocellulosic biomass (plant extract, wood bio-oil).

Throughtout this website, all my research and teaching activities are described. Do not hesite to get in touch with me if you are interested in some collaborations through the setting up of various projects that could be linked with my research activities.

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