Topic 1 : Screening, Separation and Identification of Metal-Chelating Peptides in Complex Mixtures for Health and Nutrition Applications

These researches focus on the setting-up of original screening methods of antioxidant metal chelating peptides in a complex mixture, before launching long-time consuming separation steps. They involve:

> the screening methods using either Surface Plasmon Resonance or IMAC-MS;

> the modelling of data obtained at the molecular scale by SPR for predicting separation at the IMAC process scale (coll. Perseval Axis);

> the establishment of QSAR type correlations between the affinity of an immobilised metal ion and a peptide, and its antioxidant activity.

Topic 2: Separation of Phenolic Compounds in Bio-oil produced by Thermochemical Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass

These research activities led in collaboration with CITHERE axis aim to use thermodynamic tools in order to improve the conditions of Liquid/Liquid Extraction of phenolics contained in bio-oils and then, to evaluate their antioxidant properties.

Topic 3: Identification of New Antioxidant Molecules in various Vegetal and Animal Ressources

Coll.: University of Constantine (Algeria), University of Gabès and the Institute of Applied Biology of Medenine (Tunisia), University of Antioquia (Médellin, Columbia)