Setting up of screening methodologies of metal-chelating peptides
(SPR, SwitchSENSE, MS)

Biocatalysis production of Metal-Chelating Peptides (enzymatic proteolysis)

Biochemical quantification (OPA, total polyphenols), Polyphenol extraction, Biochemical tests of antioxidant measurements and tests in cellulo (coll. CITHEFOR)

Immobilized metal Ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) and prediction of IMAC separation (intern LRGP Coll.)

Mass spectrometry (coll. LIBio, SRSMC)

Study of molecular interactions, i.e. peptide-metal interactions (SPR, coll. L2SM)

Physical-chemical characterisation of biomolecular assemblies (SLS, DLS, etc.)

Management of students : PhD students, post-dotorates, Master and undergraduated students

Scientific animation

Organizing steering committees :

  • Conferences MBP 2021 and SFGP 2017
  • IMPACT Biomolecules of LUE in the frame of the ISITE project, Representative of the "Metal-chelating peptide" workpackage